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Staff Directory


Photo of Glen Allen

Glen Allen


Photo of Andrea Alderman

Andrea Alderman

Assistant Principal, Fashion Studies, Outdoor Education, Communication Technology

Photo of Barbara Madsen

Barbara Madsen

Assistant Principal, Junior English, Senior English


Photo of Lea Bamsey

Lea Bamsey

Phys Ed, Senior Math

Photo of Emma Bauer

Emma Bauer

French Immersion Math & Science, Phys Ed

Photo of Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter

Guidance Counsellor, Work Experience & RAP, Foods, Junior Health

Photo of Vicky Benson

Vicky Benson

Junior English, Junior Social, Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Colton Bown

Colton Bown

Phys Ed, Outdoor Ed, Senior Science

Photo of Daryl Cardiff

Daryl Cardiff

Junior & Senior Social

Photo of Catherine Carnaghan

Catherine Carnaghan

Junior & Senior English, Senior Social, Cosmetology

Photo of Eilleen Cederstrand

Eilleen Cederstrand

Junior & Senior Math

placeholder image for Kirsten Chornawka

Kirsten Chornawka

Junior & Senior Math & Science

Photo of Mitchell Foster

Mitchell Foster

Junior & Senior English, Social, Foods

Photo of Amanda Hack

Amanda Hack

Art, Communication Technology, Psychology, CALM, Alternative Learning Centre

placeholder image for Jared Shop Madsen

Jared Shop Madsen

Junior & Senior Shop

Photo of Jayden Music Madsen

Jayden Music Madsen

Junior & Senior Music, Junior English

Photo of Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

Junior & Senior English

Photo of Carmelle McPherson

Carmelle McPherson

Junior & Senior Social, Junior English, Junior Health

Photo of Chandra Moir

Chandra Moir

Junior & Senior Drama, Senior English, CALM

Photo of André Morson

André Morson

Senior Math, Senior Science, Outdoor Ed

Photo of Kayla St-Jacques

Kayla St-Jacques

French Immersion Language Arts & Social

Photo of Hayley Thomas

Hayley Thomas

Junior & Senior Math, Junior & Senior Science

Photo of Rebecca Turnbull

Rebecca Turnbull

Guidance Counsellor, Senior English, Work Experience & RAP, ALC

placeholder image for Jennifer Wotton

Jennifer Wotton

Junior & Senior Science, Junior & Senior Math


Photo of Cristin Bostrom

Cristin Bostrom

Family School Liason

Support Staff

Photo of Nadine Bancroft

Nadine Bancroft

Student Records Secretary

Phone: (780) 865-3714

Photo of Sherri Muyres

Sherri Muyres

Financial Secretary

Phone: (780) 865-3714

placeholder image for Janice Driedger

Janice Driedger

Educational Assistant

Photo of Evelynn Poiron

Evelynn Poiron

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Ashley Petkau

Ashley Petkau

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Connie Underwood

Connie Underwood

Educational Assistant

Photo of Paula Blanchard

Paula Blanchard

Educational Assistant

TLC Hinton Staff

placeholder image for Penny Dunn

Penny Dunn

Student Records Secretary

Phone: 780-865-7291

placeholder image for Bruce Voelker

Bruce Voelker


Phone: 780-865-7291

Photo of Amanda Yaworski

Amanda Yaworski


Phone: 780-865-7291