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Catherine Carnaghan

Junior English, Junior Social, Junior Health, Junior Literacy

Growing up in Southern Ontario I was exposed to so many different cultures, hobbies, disciplines and courses as a young adult, but I found my niche in the specialization of English Literature. I studied English for four years at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo Ontario, earning my Honours Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in English Lit. My passions in reading and writing easily transfered to a path of education that was never my outright plan but seemed to make so much sense once the decision was made.

After completing my Bachelor of Education in my 5th year of postsecondary school, my adventures led me West to the Canadian Rocky Mountains where I followed my other passions of snowboardng and mountain culture. All of my favourite things coincide in this beautiful landscape on the edge of the Rockies. After living in Jasper for the past nine years and working as a  substitute teacher, a job opportunity led me to the quaint community of Hinton where I am happy to be residing teaching ELA, Literacy, Health and Social Science at the 8th and 9th grade levels. In my spare time I love being in the outdoors, exploring any and all historical related activities in the area and when time allows, getting up on the mountain to snowboard in beautiful Jasper. I also, of course, love reading, writing, and getting to come to work everyday and interact with the students of Harry Collinge High School. In education, everyday is an adventure and brings with it the opportunity to learn something new and make a difference in the world.